Who Am I

From an early age, Alex has shown great talent and passion for drawing and art.  Alex developed his natural attention to details and starting at a young age, began to teach himself various skills and techniques both digitally and traditionally.

Once Alex had experienced the world of three-dimensional computer graphics, he was instantly taken in.  Alex has since continued his pursuit of the digital arts and valiantly kept up with his traditional teachings in this digital era.  Alex always had the interest in how motion pictures grasped his imagination.  From the traditional drawings of classics like Mickey Mouse to the amazing visual film effects of today’s blockbuster hits, Alex constantly expands his interests in the multiple forms of artistry.

Alex has worked with industry professionals and other talented artists to furthering his knowledge of the animation arts. Always looking to further his ability, Alex consistently strives for that next level of talent.


September 2018

Creative Arts 70th Emmy Awards Nominee


Stranger Things
“Chapter Nine: The Gate”

I received a personal nomination for my work on Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2.  As the animation lead on this project I ensured that all the animation created were crafted to an impeccable level throughout every episode. It was a true honor to receive this nomination amongst the dozens of talented individuals who helped bring this amazing project to fruition.

Hydraulx Visual Effects

Animation Lead

Hydraulx visual effects was my first foray into the high-end motion pictures industry.  I was quickly approached to become their animation lead as I demonstrated an intuitive adaptability to the level of complexity required as well as the drive necessary to excel the studio to greater project acquisitions.

September 2015-2018

September 2014 – 2015

Master of Arts 3D Computer Animation

Bournemouth University

I ventured away from the high-paced animation industry to complete my formal educational training. I achieved a Master of Arts degree in 3D Computer Animation with distinction at Bournemouth University.  During my studies I lead and managed several teams, helping bring their understanding of visual effects to a level necessary for them to gain entry into the industry.  All of the team members that I helped mentor, many of which were brand new to the art-form, are now working within the visual effects industry.

Disruptive Media Publishers

Xbox Live Animator

The gaming industry is where I started my professional career as a 3D animator.  I worked on the Microsoft Xbox LIVE Avatar system to create animations for several high profile companies as well as personal studio collections.  I’ve worked on projects such as Activisions Call of Duty Franchase, Electronic Arts sports titles, Microsoft Gears of War series, and multiple movie titles such as Batman, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

September 2010 – 2014